4 dic 2012

still have a cold. grrr. A windy day. I am preparing the Christmas cards , this morning I have gone to the copy shop, so I hope very soon I will send it to my lovely friends. Did you prepared your Christmas postcard?
I also received a lovely package from my lovely friend Mirva, she always sends me a little piece of Finland and makes me very happy!
I'll wrap myself with the blanket all afternoon, maybe I'll drink tea and will knit but now I need to rest and relieve my cold.
I wish you a cosy afternoon  

5 comentarios:

  1. I really hope you get better soon! Here also nasty cold goes around :/
    The gift boy from your friend looks amazing! I also always like your breakfast/teas break table pictures!

    1. Yeah only the strong can save ;)
      Yes, my gift was wonderful! and thank you!

  2. ohh, your photos are stunning.
    red color looks so beautiful and good treat to
    my eyes tonight. thanks for that.

  3. I'm so glad the package arrived already and that you like it! Happy to see the wrist-warmers fit you, I also love the colors in that first photo!

    Your parcel is waiting for me at the post-office, it was closed early yesterday so I couldn't get it and today it is closed for the whole day (it's Independence Day), but I'm looking forward to finally getting it on Friday! (I think it arrived in Finland like a week ago, but the note from the post office telling me it has arrived was lost amidst all the junkmail we get during these pre-Christmas days.)

    Hope you're feeling warm and enjoying December,
    hugs from Finland.