22 may 2013

In two weeks I will have two exams, the truth it is that I'm starting to get nervous, I'm not get used to this and I wish finished at once!! How do you manage to control your nerves?
The weather is very bizarre over here, sunny days, but many more cold and rainy days.
I'm finishing the shrug, sincerely I'm really enjoying knitting this. I'm thinking about knitting another in yellow.
I'm going to think about all what I'll do after exams while I drink a cup of tea.
happy evening my dears!

5 comentarios:

  1. Your shrug looks so beautiful. I'm sure it will look lovely in yellow. Knitting and drinking tea is a great way to calm yourself down from the nerves of exams. Good luck! I'm sure you will do great.

  2. Good luck Anna. I'm sure you don't need it. 10 mins of yoga always helps my nerves and a nice cup of tea too. Lovely photos and you're so clever making a shrug! X

  3. Lovely pictures! Those little glass-bottles are cute and that shrug will be amazing..you're so talented knitter Anna! Good luck with those exams!

  4. anna, i like your display of
    wild flower in a jar.
    enjoy the spirnghood.

  5. i am enjoying your old posts. your life is surrounded by
    all handmades and homemades. so lovely life.