4 sept 2013

I continue to dedicate myself to organize everything.

My knitting needles need to be organized, I had in mind something similar, I had seen several times and the truth is that I love the result.
I've made ​​one for straight needles and other for crochet and circulars needles.
I used two small pieces of cloth Japanese.
Now I can find the needle I need and aren't  bundled between them.

There is also time to enjoy a cup of spicy green tea with jasmine.
I'm watching the second season of this serie. 
Latest items in my store ,now at half price, the store will be closed when I moved.

14 comentarios:

  1. i love what you've made, great, and lark rise to candle ford is a great watch x

  2. Que ben organitzada, és molt xulo! Jo ara he començat a treballar i no tinc gaire temps per cosir :(
    Fins aviat!!

    1. En qualsevol cas es una bona excusa que no puguis cosir per aquest motiu!

  3. OH I love your needle cases. It does feel good to have everything organized. I'm the process of organizing things around the house too.

  4. Your needle holders are so pretty! I wish I had the time / the energy / the skills to make some too!

    PS. I've been admiring the hat in your shop for ages, but haven't gotten around to ask about its size. Can you give some measurements? Does it stretch? (I fear it might be too small for me.)

  5. I love organizing my stuff. Your needle holder looks pretty!

  6. What a pity that you're closing your shop. But you think it will be a temporary stop? I think you'll be very inspired in Munich by yarn projects...
    By the way it's so exiting to organize stuff for such a great experience:)
    Have fun doing that:)

  7. Oh thanks for sharing this Tv serie! I love british Tv shows.
    I've just finished the Paradise, and I think that you might quite like it :)

    Wish you a lovely day dear friend.

  8. I really like your needle cases! Beautiful! And I admire your organizing mood. I should do that too.

  9. i like your needle organizer. it is pretty
    and fun to get things organized in that way.