6 oct 2013

Is like this how i'm spending my Sunday evening. It's so dark outside because there are a huge storm.
I'm eating white chocolate cookies, drinking jasmine green tea  while I'm knitting this slow shawl. I started to use candles, smells like vanilla and changes color.

I watched this.

I bought a alpaca wool sweater, only 12€, so warm! and looks beautiful with my favorite jeans.
How do you spent your Sunday evenings?

Happy Sunday♥

7 comentarios:

  1. Your new sweater looks beautiful! I am curious how your shawl will look!

    I went voting and had a nice sunday at home.

  2. I spend my Sunday evenings pretty much in the same way here :) Too many projects, too little time.

  3. playing with my little boy and knitting the color tipped scarf from Purl Bee.

  4. Sí que prospera tu chal eh?? ;)

    me encanta el jersey, suertuda!!

  5. On my sunday evening I made a long evening walk in nature until it got really dark and started to scare a bit :) then I started to work with Fimo which I haven't done for longer time now.
    Your alpaca sweater is really great and so cheap!

  6. looks like a lovely sunday and nice jumper x

  7. 12 euros...qué caza...domingo tarde...paseito con el perro, barracas con la sobri y a sacar fotos nocturnas con mi compañero de piso para su curso de fotografía....muy animado para ser domingo ;)