4 nov 2013

Hi November!
Finally we're here, in Munich.
I'm impressed, how beautiful can be the Autumn, I can't get enough taking photos of the leaves.


We're so busy looking for an apartment and I haven't many time to knit. I'm still knitting this.
The last photo that's me wearing my last knitted shawl, is so warm. 

12 comentarios:

  1. Have fun Anna! And good luck for your home:))

  2. Es bueno oirte, y verte sonreir...y todos esos colores....Sigue disfrutando!

  3. The colors are stunning Anna. I wouldn't get tired photographing such beauty. Love all your photos. Your shawl looks super cozy. I just made my husband a beanie in the a similar color yarn.
    Good look in the apartment hunting.

    1. oh thank you so much!! it's too easy to take this photos, the landscape is wonderful!!!

  4. Anava a comentar el mateix, quins colors!! Que bonic!
    Molta sort en aquesta nova etapa!

  5. Gracies Neus la veritat es que em tenen enamorada aquest colors!!
    Molta sort tu també!!!

  6. Happy that you like autumn in your new country :)

  7. Beautiful photos. Glad you're enjoying the autumn!