28 dic 2013

Beautiful Christmas days, was so nice been all together and a lot of beautiful presents. It's seems I've been a very good girl.
Past days I knitted a lot ( easy and fast projects) a green scarf and a grey hat. I feel very inspired here.
Today is a sunny day, instead of going outside I prefer to spend the day at home, doing nothing!
Any amazing plans for this weekend?

6 comentarios:

  1. I love having the time to make up something simple like your scarf, how nice to get out into the cold sunshine too.

  2. Me encanta tu plan!! Nosotros más o menos tenemos el mismo jiji ;) chulísimos la bufanda y el gorro!! yo tengo aquí una para San....pero va taaaaaaaaan lenta, jop! muchos besos Anna!

  3. It feels so good to be together with a family.
    Enjoy your leisure and lovely presents.

  4. Just pass the flu Christmas brought...and think about if I will pass new year night alone at home or go to a party at a friend´s. Not in a good mood, but need to start 2014 with new streght....
    Enjoy the calm

  5. Your knits are so pretty I love the hat.

  6. Enjoy your time + I wish you a wonderful 2014!