8 ene 2014

It seems that everything is back to normal. I started again my german classes.  It seems that I've fallen behind and it's hard to start again.
Pictures are from last week, when my hyacinth had not yet blossomed and it was cold outside.


Thanks for share with me your favorite tv shows. I've decide to make a list, joining some of yours suggestions and mine. ( the list is based on the same type of series, which I like the most and some of mystery series)

The hour
The Paradise
Downton Abbey
Bomb girls
Call the midwife
Land girls
The bletchley circle
Master of sex
The good wife
Top of the lake

*sure I forgot many, you can continue completing, is an open list!

8 comentarios:

  1. Bon any maca!
    T'afageixo: Girls, The Americans, Breaking Bad(els primers capítols són una mica depriments però després s'anima molt) i Homeland

  2. you'll be back to it in no time! such a lovely hyacinth on the verge of blooming :)

  3. You tea collection look really realy nice! I might start watching Land girls really soon!

  4. Thanks for the list!! You can't imagine how much I need it!
    Have fun there in Muenchen:))

  5. German is much more difficult than English or Spain - so are not angry when it might take some time.
    (I still make mistakes sometimes...)

  6. German is hard anyway ;)
    I have to buy some too...need to feel they blow in the middle of the winter.

  7. You can do it!
    Love the hyacinth.
    xo, j