14 feb 2014

* I've updated the shop with two new knitted hats.

Today's a beautiful sunny day i'm enjoying taking photos trying to capture it.
Black red fruits tea in my cup now.
Drying the clothes outside.
New fabrics arrived yesterday at home, finally I'm going to sew again, but this time for a friends.

Happy weekend!

3 comentarios:

  1. i LOVE your new knitted items my friend!
    those colors that you have on the yarn that you have used on your dishcloths are so pretty.

    lucky the friend that you will sew for!: ) i can't wait to start using my favourite skirts that you made me last year. it will still be quite some months before i can but it is one of those lovely things that i look forward to when warmer seasons comes.

    i hope you are having it cozy and that you sleep well now!??
    here it is starting to get more daylight now, so happy for that. some new birds are singing again too
    so some of the birds that are away in winter must have started to come home. it is a littl bit too early but maybe it is because of the mild weather that we are having all over in europe now..

    wishing you the best of weekend my friend,
    lots of hugs.

  2. Lovely hats Anna. I love the earthy colors.