16 abr 2014

I'm the worst blogger at the momentbut I feel that I have enough energy to sit in front of computer.
nevertheless, I have many things to tell. Many challenges. I have started to knit my first socks with double pointed needles. I'm very excited. I chose this yarn. But I have also ordered more wool. In this case wool hand-dyed, I want to support those independent brands.
My yellow pullover finally has become a giant ball of wool, pattern and yarn combination was not correct.
I've started this jacket, I'm very happy and motivated with this pattern, it was a long time that I wanted to knit this jacket, so I'm really enjoying it.
and another reason that I'm excited is that I started knitting (currently only on knit stitch) with the continental technique. I thought it was impossible to change because after so many years knitting change the method seemed very difficult, but it hasn't happened. The first rows reminded me of my beginning, without strength to hold the wool, it was like relearning how to knit!

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3 comentarios:

  1. I'm glad to hear you are feeling better. I'm looking forward to seeing your progress with your socks. I just learned to work with double pointed needles last winter and they are not as bad as I thought. It is actually very exciting to master the process.

  2. I only know how to knit continental. I've never tried English style knitting but I've seen it done and it looks much more complicated and time consuming. Good luck learning the new method.

    And you are braver than me! I am afraid of double pointed needles---I'm so worried the stitches will slip off one of the needles. I use the Magic loop method instead.

  3. :-) we have written about you on our blog, send us a mail if you wanna recive questions to answer :-)