19 jun 2014

this is what I'm currently working:

A new pair of socks using this recipe, is a very easy pattern for beginners. I can't stop knitting socks!!

A shawl with malabrigo lace color violeta. I have elongated central pattern because I like long shawls that surround my neck.  It's a free pattern.

And the last project on my needles is a new blanket, inspiring me in this and the concept * I've decided to knit a blanket only using scraps of projects that I done, It is designed with wool socks, but obviously I've only knit two socks in my life so anything works and I'm not going to buy wool for that project. But my scraps are  limited....

...if there if someone who would like to donate some scraps of yarn for my blanket I would be very happy that the blanket was composed of bits of you, of your knit projects. I only need just a tiny ball for the square.. so if you want to join please sent me an email (aldiladeglispecchi@yahoo.es)  and I'll give my address.

*thanks Molly for that beautiful idea!!

3 comentarios:

  1. So much work...will take a note in the shock pattern...my grandmother is a great shock maker...and maybe should learn too

  2. Hello Anna! I have gotten your e-mails, but perhaps you have not gotten mine. The answer to your question is 169.3 meters in total. :] Hope that's enough for your hat. Kim Smith from Art Equals Happy.