12 sept 2012


Pictures from yesterday.
Today the day is gray and windy, rain promises but the weather predicts that will be hot, summer again....
Meanwhile, I have finished sewing thousands of things waiting, I will take a break and knitting again.
I love the patterns proposed by Rowan I spend hours looking at their photographs online I would knit all !!
I think unfortunately in Spain Rowan don't edit .

I wish you a pleasant afternoon.

7 comentarios:

  1. Que boniques les fotos amb aquest coloridu!! Aquesta web no la coneixia, ja porto 15min. mirant-la absorbida!
    * Moltes gràcies pel comentari de la jaqueta! Me'n alegro de que t'agradi!

    1. Gràcies! la veritat es que enganxa molt!
      Aviat tindré llest el teu paquet així que el cap de setmana t'ho envio!

  2. did you make the blanket?
    so very cheerful
    : )
    xo, j

  3. Todo se ve tan lindo y tan relajante : )
    lindo día, beso!

  4. your blanket is pretty !
    I sometimes buy Rowan (yarn or magazines) from ebay.co.uk -- shipping is usually not too bad from the UK.