5 nov 2012


Well I'm here again, after a loooong weekend.
During this weekend I done many things including a visit to Ikea... always it's a chaotic experience.
I wore my finnished jumper this weekend, it's so soft and pleasant ( I love alpaca wool).
I really like this bag but I never use it, so I decided to swap it with someone and give a second chance.
If anyone has the same feeling with one of their bags and want to swap with this, send me and email to: aldiladeglispecchi@yahoo.es
and please send me a photo about what you want to change.
*I will do a lottery if more than one person wants to swap. (November 9th deadline)

7 comentarios:

  1. Good idea! I'm interested, I also have a bag that would need a second chance with someone else. I'll send an email with pictures so you can see if interests you.

  2. you are such a good knitter anna!!
    that jacket is beautiful...you inspire me : )


  3. i forgot to say:
    i LOVE the photos in the previous post
    that apron looks so very pretty...is it you in the photo?

    1. Thank you V!!!your words are always so kind!
      Yes, it is me!! was my great-grandmother's apron my grandmother gave it to me.
      A hug.

  4. Hola Anna, decirte que yo no me atrevo con el ingles pero me ha encantado la chaqueta, donde puedo encontrar el patron??muchas gracias