28 jun 2013

These days are being very nice, I made lemonade, (not because it's too hot ).I'm finishing the last color of the scarf. Enjoying many cups of tea with delicious chocolate. I ordered finally this tea.
These days I'm going to dedicate myself to create my little corner in the garden, I'll fix some small planters that' are going to become a bank.
I think I mentioned long ago but I love my musk gel. I love the smell it leaves on my skin, now I can feel it more than in winter.
I'm researching some natural product for broken nails, I found this one, with good references from my dear friend, can you propose some other? I need something that works. 
Happy weekend my dearest readers.

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  1. oh, what a luxury to have homemade lemonade
    and it looks so pretty. the green in the glass, is that mint?? i am going to try this one. thanks anna.
    and your knitting is lovely to look at. i am amazed how much you knit even during the summer.

    1. thank you dear coco. Yes it's mint, try the lemonade is delicious!

  2. Nice to see some Animation in your cup..:))) It's the best! Happy weekend to you too dear Anna!

  3. Hmm, the lemonade looks good!
    And the scarf looks very nice, plain old garter stitch is so pretty.

    For the nails: http://www.burtsbees.com/other/best-sellers/lemon-butter-cuticle-cream.html (smells so good!)

  4. ohhh a minth lemonade!!! I never try with it.
    But I made lemonade with lavander!!! taste ! it's very fresh! =)

    I kown a simple homemade cream recipe for nail/hand:

    mix over low heat until a smooth cream: 40g of raw shea butter, 25g sweet almond oil, castor oil 10gr. then add 10 drops of Oil Essential (OE) Rosewood, 10 drops OE sweet orange,15 drops OE lemon and ​​1 drop HE extract pomplemousse (a Conservative).
    put it in a clean glass jar.
    this cream is regenerating and healing.

    Bon Week end!

  5. i am using that salve and it is working good for me,
    and it smells nice too : )) a friend of mine is using the one that lisa is mentioning and she also says it is very good.

    a own corner in your garden, what a lovely idea!
    your photos always makes me in a good mood and now i wish that i could visit you so that we could talk, laugh, knit, drink limonade and eat that delicious mint chocolate together.


    i have sent you an e-mail earlier today.