2 jul 2013


Summer dress and fresh food. On Saturday we went to Barcelona and we watched a design documentary in la Filmoteca, is a good site to see a movie, and very economical!
The sales period has begun, I've ordered this kimono jacket.
I love my new silk shirt.
On Sunday, I ate a giant pistachio macaron, I love when he brings me this surprise.
Thank you for your suggestions about a product for broken nails on my last post.
I have finished the scarf, I have some other wool so I'm going to knit a beret. I think my next project will be this one, I love the jacket but I'm a little scared by complexity.
My dear friend has knitted two-and the truth is that looks amazing, I want one!

I found this recipe site.

8 comentarios:

  1. Hola Ana, espero estes muy bien, me gusta mucho tu traje esta muy lindo, al igual que tus fotos. Espero estes disfrutando del verano, aquí no para de llover.


    1. Muchas gracias Mariela.
      Aqui ya empieza a ser el verano de todos los años, esa calor, que tan poco me gusta a mi...
      Espero que pare de llover y que puedas disfrutar un poquito afuera.

      Un abrazo

  2. Your summer dress is lovely! I love flower print dresses.

    1. Thank you, the truth is that almost all my dresses are flowers print dresses!

  3. LOVE your dress
    the athmosphere in the photos dear friend.

    your levenwick is going to be just as beautiful as you think mine are,
    you are a very good knitter anna : )


    1. oh thank you dear friend!
      I started knitting, as always I wish to see it finished little patience)
      you inspire me!

  4. Oh, WOW, I can't stop thinking about that giant pistachio macaron. Amazing! I need one. : )