5 jul 2013


A very hot summer days. A lot of tea, hot tea, yes.. I can't get used to the ice tea. Finally has arrived teas des alizes and I love its fruity flavor soft.
Another beautiful package was waiting in the mailbox, my lip balm from The Morning calm.
I'm knitting the Levenwick cardigan and I'm using this lovely yarn in my favorite corner in the garden.

I started studying German on my own

Happy weekend,
I love your comments: Thank you♥

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  1. Enjoy the hot weather! After lots of rain it is cooler again. Weird weather.
    So nice you decided to study german on your own!

  2. Bon dia! Quines fotos més maques, ara mateix estic fent el mateix que tu bevent un tè amb galetes!
    Molt bé això de començar a estudiar alemany!!

  3. Good luck with German, it's a beautiful language! ;)

  4. I am jealous of your hot weather! Summer is a very cool time of year where I live. I know it is easy to say when you are not sweating, but I *love* the heat. Better for me than cold. When I was in Turkey, they told us to always drink hot tea in the heat. There is some explanation for this, but I forget it...

    1. now it's tooooooo hot, horrible hot but I supposed that if the temperature is always low yo want hot.. "the grass is always greener on the other side"
      me the same with cold

  5. German...that I studied so many years ago...and now I am again with it....
    Good luck!
    Love your knitting corner.

  6. anna, your tea time always seems so nice
    and the way you set the table remind me to
    slow down and sit while to enjoy the tea time.
    i like the atmosphere in 3rd photo. is that your
    knitting area?

    1. oh thank you dear, actually it's my knitting, reading and "dolce far niente" area.

  7. anna can you tell me if you received an email from me yesterday?
    my email account seems to have gone "strange/crazy":
    i get emails back that i have sent with the note that they haven't been sent properly/received by the person i sent to...and one of them were for you so i just wanted to check with you.

    happy knitting my friend : )

  8. Thank you for sharing, Anna.
    I am so happy to know that you liked the lip balm.
    Please enjoy. ♥