17 jul 2013

A bad start of the week, my car broke down (still it's broken) so I have to be at home, but I thought... that's good, you can dedicate to sew those cute fabrics you bought .. well..the sewing machine decided also break down but a lovely package was waiting to me in the mail box, lovely coco sent me all these things!
There is always something good!
We are having a very hot days, I just made a cold shower so I'll go to read a new book at the garden.
Good night dears!

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  1. Aish quina mala sort, per la màquina de cosir crec que faria un "derrame de llàgrimes" dels grans! T'has fet tu la brusa? És molt maca!

    1. Doncs sobretot si et quedes cosint alguna cosa i no pots acabar per sort ja esta tot arreclat!
      La camisa l'he comprat.

  2. i hope you like the taste
    of authentic tea.
    there is a bitter melon post for you.

    always something better is waiting
    after bad day. we try to remember that, don't we.

    hope today is a better day for you.

  3. Sorry to hear bout the bad start. It's strange, isn't it, sometimes just all goes wrong, but then life is just a up and down. And you are right, all you can do is making the best of it ;) What a wonderful package you got from coco!

  4. Luckily a parcel of lovely mail can make a bad day a bit better :)

  5. oh i hope your car AND sewing machine is easely mendable dear anna!
    what a perfect timing on that lovely snail mail from sweet coco : )

    i loved that book!
    the one i am reading now is very good too
    and i think you also will like this one:

    hugs and love

  6. Beautiful things you got, hopefully everything get fix soon!
    Love your outfit too : )
    Have a nice night!


  7. Sorry to hear you had a bad start of the week. I had car problems two weeks ago and it is very frustrating. But I see you got the cure to all problems; chocolate and tea makes all things better :0

  8. Lovely fabric!
    I'm still in love with your dress in the previous post, have you ever thought of selling some? I'll be your first customer :)

    1. oh you're so kind!! well I haven't any pattern..would need to sort and make patterns by size!! I'm very happy that you like it!!

    2. Sure! Just simple dresses like the ones that you like to wear would be perfect ♥

  9. I really love your blouse... and the fabrics!!! amazing