2 mar 2014

1. Darkness in our apartment.
2. Alpaca baby pullover finished.
3. Packages and packages ( and gifts for my friends).

Lately I've realized that I have many notebooks including Mac Blog notes where I write ideas, recommendations for books, movies, recipes and a thousand more things , I think I should focus it on only one . What is your method to remember all this, only one notebook?
Again one more post about my chaotic organization.


One new add in the shop

6 comentarios:

  1. I have bought this year a great note book for that....myanualreport....love it

  2. ooh such a pretty sweater! i keep one notebook (now) after feeling so scattered with notes everywhere too, computer, ipad, iphone... maybe still not organized, but feeling better about this attempt :)

  3. Also my organization is pretty chaotic so like you l have more than one notebook. If you find a way to organize chaos let me know:))
    Have a lovely day Anna!
    And let me tell I love the colours you choose for the items that you're creating for your shop:))

  4. Beautiful sweater Anna! What pattern did you use is lovely?
    It is hard to keep organized but mostly I keep one notebook for ideas

  5. I have been wearing the gift, this LOVELY top, so much. I LOVE IT, thank you once more!