28 mar 2014

My two new auto gifts, I love my mug of house of rym.
Homemade bread, I love it!
And I've also sewn a new bag.
This morning I had a small surgery on my foot, so I have to spend the weekend without moving, an new interesting book and my needles will be my company these days. Along with any movie or series that had been pending for a long time and never found the time.

Happy weekend and enjoy the spring!!

+ come back to resume Japanese literature, for a while I couldn't stop reading one after another. Now I felt and I still feel fascinated by scandinavian detective novel, but yesterday I started this new book. Happy with the encounter.
What is your favorite genre or book now?

3 comentarios:

  1. I hope you are feeling better! Home maid bread is pure heaven and you bag is perfect. There is room for knittings, books and many happy things.
    sending hugs,

  2. the mug and the bowl are so pretty! Hope your foot recovers soon!

  3. Hope you enjoyed your weekend on the sofa and your feet is already better.
    japanese literature also fascinate me but don't know many book but I read this year Malaysian The Garden of Evening Mist which I enjoyed a lot. Need to stop as about books I can talk a lot :)
    Take care