31 dic. 2012

May this new year it be just such full of hope and everything good you want
Happy 2013 everyone out there:) 

27 dic. 2012

It has been a wonderful days, a lot of precious gifts, delicious food, and perfect company.
Got a natural cosmetic gift, I love it. Rowan yarn and some tea ;) What about yours?
The year is almost over, thank you all for being here in my blog and for last comments, all of them have been so important and thank you for the beautiful Christmas cards.

24 dic. 2012

Merry Christmas

I want to thank you all of you for writing lovely comments during this year, I found many lovely readers. Thank you!!
I wish you a peaceful Christmas time and much joy in the new year.
*Finally I've baked gingerbread cookies , thanks Inger!
*This year the gift paper is handmade.

19 dic. 2012

Hi! I had forgotten how nice it's sit in a cafe, without hurry, the cold and darkness aren't in the room.I'm wearing my favorite tights today. Very warm .Yesterday I bought some fabrics so now I'll cut them to make a dress.Last photo have been taken by my cell phone, now the streets have carpets of yellow leaves.

17 dic. 2012

We've been in a wedding this weekend, I wore heels although I like them  I don't use never.
The landscape is beautiful the last remaining leaves on the trees are in amazing colors and I enjoy looking at them. It is also nice to walk down on the street because the air we breathe it's special and stop and have a tea in my favorite coffee shop.
Thanks for all your suggestions I'm still undecided.

12 dic. 2012

It's cold as frost. Today I had a hard exam so this afternoon I'm going to relax. I'll think of Christmas I can't believe it will be in one week. The shirt I sewed some time ago, I like polka dots.I think it's beautiful this pink colour, isn't it?
I'd like to prepare Christmas cookies but can't find the perfect recipe, any suggestions?

10 dic. 2012

This long weekend I bake a cake, knit a bit, went to a medieval market, ate a crêpe at a beautiful and cozy French restaurant in my town, bought some Christmas gift, bought my first thriller book after have seen Solstorm film, a book adaptation of Asa Larsson,drank lot of tea and ate chocolat cookies.

6 dic. 2012

Beautiful day,  the sun shines.I baked a cake this morning. Now my ♥ is cooking a mushroom carbonara pasta. I finished my cowl and now I'm knitting my  abandoned scarf, at least one project less in my unfinished basket projects.

The chef call me, which means the food is ready!! ummm

Have a nice day!

*thanks for your kind comments, I fell better.

4 dic. 2012

still have a cold. grrr. A windy day. I am preparing the Christmas cards , this morning I have gone to the copy shop, so I hope very soon I will send it to my lovely friends. Did you prepared your Christmas postcard?
I also received a lovely package from my lovely friend Mirva, she always sends me a little piece of Finland and makes me very happy!
I'll wrap myself with the blanket all afternoon, maybe I'll drink tea and will knit but now I need to rest and relieve my cold.
I wish you a cosy afternoon  

2 dic. 2012

December has arrived with very cold. I've done some Christmas shopping. I have a cold so I have to prepare something for my throat and my red nose. I bought a woolly tights and socks. Finally I was able wear my coat, my handmade coat by me.
Happy Sunday 

30 nov. 2012

Very cold but nice sunny days, hurray for my photos.
Wear socks under tights (very sexy).
I bought a sweater in the market for only 6 euros. 
Still sewing a purse.

Happy weekend and keep warm!

28 nov. 2012

I thought a little bit of Christmas so this is the first sign also the temperature had suddenly dipped. I'm in the mood. I pulled my thermal socks. The croquettes dough is resting (shrimp croquettes).I trying to knit my fluffy cowl in a hurry, but my arm hurts. I trying to read using the dictionary but I can only read a few pages.
Wishing you all a great evening!

27 nov. 2012

The temperatures are lower, I like to feel the cold in my nose ;)
My breakfast are always bread with butter and jam. I love jam, of all types,what about you?
Sewing a small purse. I found a fabric like a bag which I already haven't,coincidences exist!!
Small collections.
I already thinking of Christmas wishes and gifts 
Happiness for all of you!

26 nov. 2012

High humidity and the sky is gray the weather is changing.
I bought new teas.
A new nail polish.
I finished my vest and on Satudary I went to my favourite yarn store and I bought a new yarn, this time a magenta mohair, I'm going to knit a scarf for my mother but before I want to finish a started scraf.
Also interested in this serie.

Have a good Monday lovelies!

22 nov. 2012

High humidity, everything is wet.
I have fun today in class but before going to class I went to the market.
I bought some yarns and one Christmas gift.
I started the morning with green tea I usually drink a cup but now in the evening I prepare a teapot, so I can enjoy more quantity of tea! for now I can sleep at night.
I'm going to knit, I plan to finish my waistcoat this afternoon.

20 nov. 2012


I love autumn, because I wear tights (yes, me too I usually wear it) it's time to rescue the shoes that I love, I lit up with candles (and  I knit and drink more tea, of course).
These are my collection of shoes, on the middle are my brand new pair.
I really love these vintage gentleman trousers, anyone know where to get some? 
Happy evening 

19 nov. 2012


I really love it, I feel very comfortable with them,
not many more explanations ;)

did you find more comfortable with tights or with trousers?

18 nov. 2012


Dark clouds on the sky.
These are my current obsessions:mustard colour and tights, I started to take photos of my tights. 
Is because I like November.
Happy Sunday.