28 jun. 2013

These days are being very nice, I made lemonade, (not because it's too hot ).I'm finishing the last color of the scarf. Enjoying many cups of tea with delicious chocolate. I ordered finally this tea.
These days I'm going to dedicate myself to create my little corner in the garden, I'll fix some small planters that' are going to become a bank.
I think I mentioned long ago but I love my musk gel. I love the smell it leaves on my skin, now I can feel it more than in winter.
I'm researching some natural product for broken nails, I found this one, with good references from my dear friend, can you propose some other? I need something that works. 
Happy weekend my dearest readers.

25 jun. 2013

Beautiful Sant Juan night and welcome summer, by the time this summer is atypical, pretty cool, but very nice.
I baked this focaccia.( see video here).
I wear my salt water sandals almost always, are perfect with my new dress, the beautiful fabric is a present from my dear friend V. I took the pattern from here.

18 jun. 2013

Finally summer is here, I love summer fruit, mostly watermelon.
I'm going to start a new knitting project, I am very excited because I'm going to use wool that have sent me my cyber friends.
My friend Mariela  sent me a package of Le Train Fantome.
Now I have more free time and I can enjoy reading, I am currently reading this woman and I loved the first book I read of her.
Happy summer days!

11 jun. 2013

Finally I was able to wear my shrug, I love wear it and knit it, now I'm finishing another a little bit more big and in black.
On Saturday we went to Barcelona,we had a tea in my favourite tea shop, I enjoyed a  cup of jasmine pearls white tea and I bought this one. 
It is very aromatic and now that I have more free time I love to savor it in the garden while I'm knitting.
I have seen this movie, amazing story about the power of the word.
The weather seems to improve, I put out my sandals and I painted my nails, waiting to decide to use them.

3 jun. 2013

The crazy weather it's seems have changed with June arrival.
On Friday I will have my last and Final Exam, we have a farewell party, I have baked magdalenas, has left only one. I think I'm going to take my notes and going to study at the garden.
How nice it is to see flowers by in the house!
F is in Lisbon for work,has reminded me how precious it is, and all the beautiful wool shops !!

I like this image collection.