20 jun. 2012

closet organizing

Last day of spring.
I have organized my closet I have many clothes and I don't know what can I do with it. I would like to sell, anyone know where I can do?
Meanwhile I take a break with a tea.

17 jun. 2012


Hi!!Here I am again,The good weather, a heavy cold (strange situation cold- summer),examns and my father's birthday  it have been taken away from here!but I have silently been visiting your blogs.
I say hello with my summer dress and this is the birthday cake I made for my father.
And another hello to my new followers  :)

5 jun. 2012


lately,I am very productive!I sewed three dresses and I improved my recipe of cupcakes.
The good weather makes me very active. ;)

2 jun. 2012

♥first summer days♥

It's seems that summer is here!!
Wish you all a great weekend.