29 may. 2013

 Rain and cold. Busy days. Summer fruit. I've finished my shawl (but I haven't taken still a picture) and bought more wool to knit another one, finally I opted for the black.

22 may. 2013

In two weeks I will have two exams, the truth it is that I'm starting to get nervous, I'm not get used to this and I wish finished at once!! How do you manage to control your nerves?
The weather is very bizarre over here, sunny days, but many more cold and rainy days.
I'm finishing the shrug, sincerely I'm really enjoying knitting this. I'm thinking about knitting another in yellow.
I'm going to think about all what I'll do after exams while I drink a cup of tea.
happy evening my dears!

14 may. 2013

Here I am, in this strange spring. And bit chilly. Some rain too.
This weekend we prepared a recipe from this book, I absolutelly recommend it.
Tea in my new mug and a muffin on my mouth, bought it this morning at the bakery.
My dear friend V has made me some questions about tea, take a look!!

9 may. 2013

I will offer a 50% discount on all products in the store, take a look!

6 may. 2013

* I'm 29 now. It was a wonderful weekend celebrations.
* My ♥ have gifted me this wonderful Japanese teapot, I love the shape.
* My mother bought me passion fruit oolong tea.
* My finished  shawl.
* Welcome May