27 ago. 2013

More than a week since my last post, I haven't been busy but have been lazy.
The las two days have been a very pleasant temperature with a fresh air,  the sun has been shining different.
I enjoyed my last teabag of this tea.
Yesterday I cooked this delicious soup ( in a vegetarian option) from this talented woman.
And I watched again this movie. Reminding me that I love hot chocolate sandwich.

20 ago. 2013

When I still haven't finished my Praline jacket I'm already thinking which may be my next project, I would love to knit this, this or this. More suggestions?
Always it's the same!! ;)
Fresh Carnations decorate my table (I divided the bouquet around the house)
Finally I could taste this delicious tea, I'm lucky to have a friend who meets my wishlist.
New book waiting for me to be read

15 ago. 2013

During these days: sunshine, braid in my long hair, light breeze of fresh air, delicious blackberries for dinner last night, now sun everywhere, lovely e-mail from a far away friend she sent me this beautiful ring and another bits and bobs, knitting and tea moments, outside moments too. It's being a quiet and peaceful August.
*thank you for the last comments

9 ago. 2013

That's me with my new dress I bought the fabric days ago and finished it yesterday.
Here the first rows of the Praline jacket, again I have trouble continuing,always the same, knitting a few rows and I have to stop and think, what the pattern tells  me;)
At the ends of November we're moving to Munich for two years I'm very exited about this change, but a little bit scared. Now we're looking for a apartment, at the moment,is so difficult to find one, any recomendation?
Weekend is here, enjoy it!

6 ago. 2013

I have done it my Levenwick,  is finished!! I am delighted with the final result and I love it!. Sorry for the little control of light in this photo, it really a blue and my hair is not orange, but you do not know as I wish it were so. I took the picture very quickly, with 31 º is not very nice to wear a alpaca jacket  ;)
Now I started a new knitting project, another cardigan, this time I chose this merino woll.
My dearest friend it's now wearing my skirt,  I sewed for her, she looks so beautiful. 
I have organized the closet and have separated things that I'm not wear for a long .
A lot of tea times with dark chocolate and enjoying a lot my currently book.

1 ago. 2013

Time goes by quickly, August has arrived I would love to August will be a rainy month and with a little less heat, but never is the case here,I find it hard cope the day with this heat meanwhile in the shadow I'm  finishing my Levenwick cardigan.
I received my nail salve  it's working!

Few days ago I participated in this give-away, to enter we had to create a haiku for fall and looks at number *8,  I'm a finalist! ;)
Happy August days