15 nov. 2013

Pretty Autumn days but I miss sunny days, here is too dark and I have to take care when taking my photos.
I started a new knitting project. A beautiful yarn was waiting for and interesting project (which my lovely friend Anu sent me) and I found a beautiful yarn shop so finally I've got the perfect combination for this sweater (thanks Vibeke for suggesting)
But my days all busy thinking of the furniture and beautiful things for our future apartment!!
So happy because it's time to eat marzipan, I found this at the supermarket, but my search continues.

10 nov. 2013

Different scenarios through the window or outside.
Today is a very cold day, we went to walk at the morning but now I'm going to stay indoors knitting and reading my favorite blogs.

I bought this tea, very happy to find it here.

I'm knitting my second Icing swirl hat.


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4 nov. 2013

Hi November!
Finally we're here, in Munich.
I'm impressed, how beautiful can be the Autumn, I can't get enough taking photos of the leaves.


We're so busy looking for an apartment and I haven't many time to knit. I'm still knitting this.
The last photo that's me wearing my last knitted shawl, is so warm.