27 mar. 2013

Little moments of my life.
This morning I went to bought some bread flour, whole rye flour and yeast to make bread.
My dear friend Vibeke sent me a spring  package.
Morning tea.
How nice to see how the flowers begin to awaken, I want to dried flowers this year some for infusions and others to keep them, anyone know how to do it?

25 mar. 2013

Good morning!
It makes me so happy to see that you like what I make!!
I have been making cards for the new store (by the moment are just tests).
I've been packing things of the store.
Starting a new knitting project, a cotton draft scarf .
Beautiful spring is here and Easter holidays too!

+My dear friend Niina, she sent me a box full of beautiful gifts from Finland (kiitos paljon)

19 mar. 2013

Speckles shop

As I promised yesterday, I present my new store.
Hope you like it, 
Thank you

18 mar. 2013

I'm finishing the last details, new item for my new store, ready to will be open tomorrow!!
and also tomorrow I have an exam  ,so it will be exciting day!

see you tomorrow!

17 mar. 2013

Today it's raining. It's a perfect day to stay at home studying (good for me) and spend time with the store.
A preview of one item of my store. ♥
Have a nice Sunday all!

14 mar. 2013

I've been absent this week, but it is for good reason, I have been preparing (what it in the previous post I commented) my new own online store!!:D 
It's not ready yet but I'm working so hard and it will be up and running very soon!!
I love to craft so I've been thinking for a while that could be nice offer my creations to the others.
I called Speckles, an unique handcrafted things. A small (ever evolving) collection of items, created with my own hands.
I promise to provide you more information very soon!

7 mar. 2013

First of all, thank you very much for your kind words, your comments make me feel inspired again:) 
I'm very busy (but it makes me happy) and I have something very exiting going on. 
Today it's a beuatiful day, after a few rainy days finally the sun paid us a visit again!! hurray!

4 mar. 2013

Hi again..
I'm so sorry to taking me this long time to appear here. During this time I've been thinking about not post anymore, however the absence has brought me back to feeling like making pictures and post again.
I want to show all that I have been working during this time, I've been very productive.