28 dic. 2013

Beautiful Christmas days, was so nice been all together and a lot of beautiful presents. It's seems I've been a very good girl.
Past days I knitted a lot ( easy and fast projects) a green scarf and a grey hat. I feel very inspired here.
Today is a sunny day, instead of going outside I prefer to spend the day at home, doing nothing!
Any amazing plans for this weekend?

23 dic. 2013

Christmas details.
Amazing gift from my generous friend Vibeke, she knitted for me!!
On Saturday we went to a Christmas market and I tasted for the first time hot wine!
Now, in a little break,  I'm drinking a spicy tea while I'm thinking on all the things to do for tomorrow, At least the dessert is done!( a delicious and enormous tiramisú)

I wish you, my dear readers, a beautiful Christmas and full of happy moments with yours.

+Thank you so much for your comments.

19 dic. 2013

I'm still getting used to the few hours of daylight, also no blinds, I love looking out the windows and see what people do in their home.
There are candles around the house.
Finally I bought all Christmas gifts.
I'm very happy because next week my parents come.
I bought this fabulous body cream for my mother.

I'm practicing German watching this serie.

17 dic. 2013

I'm back, I'm sorry for my absence these weeks.
Many nice things have happened.
Finally we've got an apartment. Decorating the apartment has been very nice and is finally a home.
I took some pictures these are pieces of our first days in our new home.


Oh yes, I finished this easy and nice sweater.