2 sept. 2014

There comes a time that things have no way or intention
al di là degli specchi was slowly deflating.

Moving on to a different space, a little more relaxed and simple but full of meaning


Specklessmall and different things

life's pleasure

what inspire me, what I like, what I do

wool, textiles and objects

just that
what my days are made of.

Thanks to everyone who followed me and for the lovely comments.
I hope you visit me there.


29 ago. 2014

Speckles shop update

You'll find some handmade drawstring pouches made by me.

Thank you for visiting and I hope you like it!

28 ago. 2014

Here we are, a week and about to start the weekend, how about your week?
I have been working hard to update the store, just something to finish and I hope to update tomorrow 29.8.14 with new products!!!

I've also had time to knit something for me, like this hat and anything more than I have in the queue.

I found this new app, stash2go, I think it is quite useful and addictive, for example, when you go to buy wool with a project on mind or like me on the train looking for patterns ...is an app for Ravelry.
Ravelry (sigh)  .....my pending issue!


Whenever I start a new project I think, now is when you should hang on ravelry, because it is useful to keep track ... but quantifying things is something wrong with me.
I do not know if it's because this app that I have come forward to update my profile ... but what I have to do now... searching for all my projects? start from now? I do not know what I can do, I don't propose anything, because I don't fill up! we will see...
You can find me on Ravelry, I'm aldila.

20 ago. 2014

After our holidays my plants have undergone some changes, some for good, some not so good.
Some were more beautiful than ever, new leaves, more green and shiny, others however, seems dead .. after a little pamper seem to go back again.
I've also brought one succulent stalk from my mom's garden.

A new pair of socks for sale in my shop.
I am working slowly and carefully on other objects
I hope soon upload them.

13 ago. 2014

It's been a while since my last post, I know I promised to write from Spain, but my old computer (now I know why I bought a new one) decided not to work.
I really enjoyed the good weather, the company of my family and friends and good food!
There, I knitted a lot, I finished my pink shawl, I received a wonderful package from my dear Anu and a new toy came home. I'm starting to spin. It's exciting! but step by step, everything takes time, Anna :)) it's funny because Alessandra started to spin too!
I visited several stores and bought wool in Barcelona (obviously) some skeins of wool.

Now here, don't stop raining and it's seems that autumn is coming, it's amazing how different is to my home town, there no one raises that autumn is coming

I've started a new shawl ( I'm a shawl girl), with a new ( for me) Norwegian alpaca, I really love this wool.

visit Melody's giveaway!

beautiful and inspiring blog of my dear friend.

18 jul. 2014


I finished Red Socks and I cast on a new pair, I don't follow any pattern, for now it is what I like the most knitting. :))
My shawl grows slowly, but try knitting a little every day.
Tomorrow we fly to Barcelona, ​​be our vacation in our "other" home.
These will be the two projects that I will take with me and I'll spend some time at my parents's garden.
It will be my main attraction.
As we will spend several weeks there, our plants have had to be adopted, are all in the office of my boyfriend, his partner will take care of them. It has been hard to see how the apartment was empty. This morning was the last, my oxalis ... no!!!
When Claudia sent me the stems, one of these was separated and I planted it in another pot, now is nearly or greater than the other!! these it'll take with me tomorrow to my mother.
Hopefully my next post will be from Spain.
Happy summer days!!!

9 jul. 2014

Tomorrow is the last day of class, so soon my vacation will start!
On Sunday we went to have a picnic to the park, is exciting in only 10 minutes from home have these huge green meadows. It was a beautiful summer day, but on Monday autumn came, It has not stopped raining and it is cold ever since, I find it hard to get used to this "summer".
I have started a new pair of red socks and finally my purple shawl is finished!
The last photo are my flea market finds.

I can not stop listening this new album, everything she does is so delicate .. ohh I love it!

2 jul. 2014

I have disappeared here for a while,  I've spent a few days in Spain but I'm here again, come  back to the autumn Munich and come back to the cardigans and socks..

A day before leaving , came home a lovely surprise package from my dear Vibeke, she has knitted a lovely alpaca shawl for me, oh my god, I feel so lucky, it's perfect! including another small details, and a delicious tea.

I found another unexpected package in the mailbox when I arrived. Ann-Kathrin sent me all those little balls of wool for my blanket's project

and thoroughly explained what she has done with each wool ball. Thanks for contributing to my little project. it's magic!

That's my new oxalis triangularis, after Claudia sent me a small stems, I found it at flower shop, these strange things happen!

I've just finished a pair of socks and almost done my violet shawl.

20 jun. 2014


 I've decided to knit a blanket only using scraps of projects that I done, It is designed with wool socks, but obviously I've only knit two socks in my life so anything works and I'm not going to buy wool for that project. But my scraps are  limited....

...if there if someone who would like to donate some scraps of yarn for my blanket I would be very happy that the blanket was composed of bits of you, of your knit projects. I only need just a tiny ball for the square.. so if you want to join please sent me an email (aldiladeglispecchi@yahoo.es)  and I'll give my address.

19 jun. 2014

this is what I'm currently working:

A new pair of socks using this recipe, is a very easy pattern for beginners. I can't stop knitting socks!!

A shawl with malabrigo lace color violeta. I have elongated central pattern because I like long shawls that surround my neck.  It's a free pattern.

And the last project on my needles is a new blanket, inspiring me in this and the concept * I've decided to knit a blanket only using scraps of projects that I done, It is designed with wool socks, but obviously I've only knit two socks in my life so anything works and I'm not going to buy wool for that project. But my scraps are  limited....

...if there if someone who would like to donate some scraps of yarn for my blanket I would be very happy that the blanket was composed of bits of you, of your knit projects. I only need just a tiny ball for the square.. so if you want to join please sent me an email (aldiladeglispecchi@yahoo.es)  and I'll give my address.

*thanks Molly for that beautiful idea!!

11 jun. 2014

How beautiful! we are having a beautiful summer days. The weekend we went for a walk with the bike and I picked some flowers.
I put to dried one hydrangea flower.
Fresh red bio fruits from the market, this morning.
I sewed a shirt, the fabric is great, super thin and light. Lately I don't have any sewing project, I prefer to spend time with my needles.

This week I have seen the third season of this.

4 jun. 2014

No summer weather and no bare foot but I'm happy to use my knitted socks.

This week...

I've started a new summer pullover using a cotton yarn that I bought for another sweater but it turned out to be a disaster.
Happy because my collection of dishes from the flea market is growing.
I watched this and this series.
I'm reading this.
Rediscovering ginger for teas and cooking.
I've bought something here for my mum's birthday!
Happy because finally I found a sunscreen face cream, antispot.
My craspedia is growing hurray!!
Waiting for snail mails :))

Happy week

29 may. 2014

My first knitted socks.
And another ones..probably a new addiction...
Soft fabric and wool for future projects,  one week more and I'll have a 2 pause weeks vacations, I want to knit a lot,  I feel so inspired!
In love with this pullover, I hope they public the pattern :)) because it's in my list!!
Waiting for my craspedia begins to grow. I would love to have these two plants, oxalis triangular 
and pilea baby, anyone know where I can get them? or someone offers to send me a stalk, I promise to reward :))
Waiting for the weekend for more flea markets!!

Have a happy weekend my sweet readers!

23 may. 2014

No golden light and no summer temperatures today but well this week has been so good...  On Saturday we went to a second hand shop and we bought two BICYCLES, are so old and vintage and I really like the design, immediately I bought a basket .. :)) So this week,  no train or transport public, only with my new-old bike.
I feel very lucky. It is a special feeling, a kind of freedom. I find it very rare, in my region is unthinkable (are cities with hills and slopes) and cars and walkers are scared to see a bike.
I picked up the socks,  I'm going to dedicate myself to them today while a cake is baking. I've ordered a socks's book and I have a good sock's stash, but meanwhile I manage to finish the more easier...(no promises)
Happy weekend everyone!!

 I love that skirt, you're so talented V!

19 may. 2014

Sunny silk

Today I want to talk about Marta, she makes handcrafted natural cosmetics. I want to support people who do wonderful things with your hands on a small scale, and Marta is one of them.
here a little about her and her work ...

" The story of my natural handmade soaps began with my mum.
More than a year ago she started a research on natural soaps and ordered a few samples via internet. Already after the first “shower-tests” I was convinced by the quality of handmade soaps. They are nothing to compare with the shower gels and soaps of the supermarket. I started then a long research on the soap making process and I decided on the cold process method. For my very first soap I needed almost 3-4 weeks preparation time reading articles, books and blogs about the production procedure. The result was a nice lavender-olive oil soap! Since then there was no way back.  My favorite ingredients for the natural soaps are: goat’s milk: my personal top 1, olive oil, cocoa butter, laurel oil and essential oils.

The natural cosmetics section of my store is quite new: I added it in the beginning of February 2014.

I just added new product lines in addition to the soaps - which remain my main focus - bath truffles! They look like real chocolate truffles but they are meant to be added to a warm bath. Throught the temperature of an average warm bath the truffles will melt and fill the water with caring oils: almond, macadamia nut oil and lots of cocoa butter.
The truffels are coming with the following scents: vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, orange, lavender."

Marta offers who orders more than three items from her shop or in a value over 10 EUR  will get a lip stick as a present -  just type in a code during check-out like "Anna's blog 2014"

They could then choose between the following three lip stick options: unscented organic, organic lavender or organic sweet orange.

Marta's shop.
take a look at his collection of silk paintings!

14 may. 2014

Many beautiful things around here. I'm back from my trip to Barcelona, was nice to come home after so many months.
Buds of roses to flavor my tea.
This year my  wanted to give me something really special, something handmade and he was right! he chose this gorgeous ring that Joanne has done with his own hands for me!! l.o.v.e it!
thanks for your orders in my shop!!

I want to talk in my next post about this soap :))

5 may. 2014

Thank you so much for all your birthday wishes on my last post and instagram!!made me very happy!
A birthday is a cake, flowers and wool :)) I don't know what i'm going to do with the pink one is Anzula yarn and the plum is Malabrigo.

* yellow pullover I found it in the flea Market, only 2 euros!

1 may. 2014

On Saturday I'll turn 30!! it will be a different birthday, away from home, but next week we flew to Barcelona to celebrate it ! hurray!

I usually give myself a gift, but this year I decided not to buy and knit something that I really wanted. After many hours of work this morning I finished my Grace cardigan.
But I can't wear it until Saturday :))

Now I feel like a small project like socks.

...and Welcome May!!

16 abr. 2014

I'm the worst blogger at the momentbut I feel that I have enough energy to sit in front of computer.
nevertheless, I have many things to tell. Many challenges. I have started to knit my first socks with double pointed needles. I'm very excited. I chose this yarn. But I have also ordered more wool. In this case wool hand-dyed, I want to support those independent brands.
My yellow pullover finally has become a giant ball of wool, pattern and yarn combination was not correct.
I've started this jacket, I'm very happy and motivated with this pattern, it was a long time that I wanted to knit this jacket, so I'm really enjoying it.
and another reason that I'm excited is that I started knitting (currently only on knit stitch) with the continental technique. I thought it was impossible to change because after so many years knitting change the method seemed very difficult, but it hasn't happened. The first rows reminded me of my beginning, without strength to hold the wool, it was like relearning how to knit!

All items in my store are on sale.