4 jun 2014

No summer weather and no bare foot but I'm happy to use my knitted socks.

This week...

I've started a new summer pullover using a cotton yarn that I bought for another sweater but it turned out to be a disaster.
Happy because my collection of dishes from the flea market is growing.
I watched this and this series.
I'm reading this.
Rediscovering ginger for teas and cooking.
I've bought something here for my mum's birthday!
Happy because finally I found a sunscreen face cream, antispot.
My craspedia is growing hurray!!
Waiting for snail mails :))

Happy week

7 comentarios:

  1. very peaceful and relaxing here.

  2. Hi! I just wanted to tell that i really like your blog and I'm getting the best tv-series ideas from here! Thank you! Waiting my snail mail aswell :)

  3. Your new pullover is looking great. I love the color. Your find the best things at the flea market. Those plates are lovely.

  4. Precioses les fotos! M'encanten els mitjons, jo n'he començat varies vegades i sempre em quedo encallada al taló! Haig de seguir més als patrons i menys free style!
    Sembla que ara sí que s'acosta el bon temps! Espero que per Alemanya també!

  5. Hi Anna!! I am loving you socs and also those fabrics and yarn from your last post. That pattern for your summer knit is also lovely and the fact that you soon will have vacation.
    I am thinking about knitting this one http://blog.kera.fi/kahdesta-kappaleesta/
    I like how summery and airy it looks.
    Have a wonderful week my friend!!

  6. ¡Que colección de platos tan bonita que estás consiguiendo! Me encanta tu blog, así que me quedo por aquí. Un saludo :-)