30 nov. 2012

Very cold but nice sunny days, hurray for my photos.
Wear socks under tights (very sexy).
I bought a sweater in the market for only 6 euros. 
Still sewing a purse.

Happy weekend and keep warm!

28 nov. 2012

I thought a little bit of Christmas so this is the first sign also the temperature had suddenly dipped. I'm in the mood. I pulled my thermal socks. The croquettes dough is resting (shrimp croquettes).I trying to knit my fluffy cowl in a hurry, but my arm hurts. I trying to read using the dictionary but I can only read a few pages.
Wishing you all a great evening!

27 nov. 2012

The temperatures are lower, I like to feel the cold in my nose ;)
My breakfast are always bread with butter and jam. I love jam, of all types,what about you?
Sewing a small purse. I found a fabric like a bag which I already haven't,coincidences exist!!
Small collections.
I already thinking of Christmas wishes and gifts 
Happiness for all of you!

26 nov. 2012

High humidity and the sky is gray the weather is changing.
I bought new teas.
A new nail polish.
I finished my vest and on Satudary I went to my favourite yarn store and I bought a new yarn, this time a magenta mohair, I'm going to knit a scarf for my mother but before I want to finish a started scraf.
Also interested in this serie.

Have a good Monday lovelies!

22 nov. 2012

High humidity, everything is wet.
I have fun today in class but before going to class I went to the market.
I bought some yarns and one Christmas gift.
I started the morning with green tea I usually drink a cup but now in the evening I prepare a teapot, so I can enjoy more quantity of tea! for now I can sleep at night.
I'm going to knit, I plan to finish my waistcoat this afternoon.

20 nov. 2012


I love autumn, because I wear tights (yes, me too I usually wear it) it's time to rescue the shoes that I love, I lit up with candles (and  I knit and drink more tea, of course).
These are my collection of shoes, on the middle are my brand new pair.
I really love these vintage gentleman trousers, anyone know where to get some? 
Happy evening 

19 nov. 2012


I really love it, I feel very comfortable with them,
not many more explanations ;)

did you find more comfortable with tights or with trousers?

18 nov. 2012


Dark clouds on the sky.
These are my current obsessions:mustard colour and tights, I started to take photos of my tights. 
Is because I like November.
Happy Sunday.

16 nov. 2012


A random pictures of my daily life.
Happy weekend!

14 nov. 2012


a beautiful day, the sun wants shine shyly
a green tea are waiting for me
thanks for your last comments
make me very happy
I hope the sun shines wherever you are 

12 nov. 2012

New in my wardrobe

Just a quick hello, me with my new handmade jean dress,

9 nov. 2012


I just fell in love with this blue and...had to share it with you;) although I'm still in my era mustard.
Happy weekend.

*Swap is closed, thank you all!

7 nov. 2012


This week I haven't class so I decided to do many things, many of which will not have enough time..
One of them has been bake a banana cake, ti's delicious with my new tea, green tea with chocolate, roses and bamboo..has become my favorite!
I started a new knit project and I discovered this serie (isn't a great discovery, already three seasons ..)
 Wel.. I'll continue sewing my dress, I'll hope finish today!

*Bag swap it's still open

5 nov. 2012


Well I'm here again, after a loooong weekend.
During this weekend I done many things including a visit to Ikea... always it's a chaotic experience.
I wore my finnished jumper this weekend, it's so soft and pleasant ( I love alpaca wool).
I really like this bag but I never use it, so I decided to swap it with someone and give a second chance.
If anyone has the same feeling with one of their bags and want to swap with this, send me and email to: aldiladeglispecchi@yahoo.es
and please send me a photo about what you want to change.
*I will do a lottery if more than one person wants to swap. (November 9th deadline)