31 jul. 2012


I sewed again, a dress and a marimekko bag.
A friend has bought in France this book of cakes for me. I baked tarte Streusel.
Sorry for the grainy photos, I hope tomorrow can take pictures with my camera.

24 jul. 2012


I sewed this dress following this book that I bought a while ago, I loved Japanese sewing books.
I recived a parcel from Vibeke, she organized a book swap and I was the lucky girl.
I'm ready for "les santes" celebrations in my city (the festivities) I play in the band of the city and it is very exciting live it from that perspective.

17 jul. 2012

lemon, melon and plums

It's hot outside, it is better to be indoors, doing a lemon cake and homemade jam.  
I began a new book. I recycled a necklace and I have done a new. It's first time I try cantaloupe melon.
A few days ago Vibeke proposed a book-away and I was the lucky winner, thanks for this lovely post about me!

16 jul. 2012


 I've been really off this week. We have painted a room, now gray.  I made a cake that only lasted two days.
I bought my favorite tea, tea Pukka, giving a nice stroll around Barcelona I found a beautiful shop where it sold it.. Explore new places in Barcelona it's exciting.I got these scraps of yarn.I have enjoyed the slowness of warm summer evenings.

6 jul. 2012

to Finland

I send this package to Finland, thanks for buying in my shop and brings a second life to the clothing!!

I recently discovered this magazine online, do you usually read online magazines?

3 jul. 2012

For sale

Finally I'm selling some of my clothes.Here

2 jul. 2012


Hi !!
This weekend has been very cloudy saturday  and rainy sunday.
Now I'll have much more free time so now I'm going to spend more time to blog, knitting, reading and cooking and redirect my professional future.
I decided that I will be sold on the blog some of my clothes, so will be available soon. Thanks girls for encouraging me!!