24 jul 2012


I sewed this dress following this book that I bought a while ago, I loved Japanese sewing books.
I recived a parcel from Vibeke, she organized a book swap and I was the lucky girl.
I'm ready for "les santes" celebrations in my city (the festivities) I play in the band of the city and it is very exciting live it from that perspective.

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  1. No sabia que eres de Mataró! ;)
    Molt bonic el vestit, aquests llibres japonesos són preciosos!

  2. : ) nice to see it at your table : )
    i am soooo inspired by your sewing skills, i wish i was that good with the sewing machine but sadly i am not...


  3. Neus: doncs si sóc de Mataró i estem de Santes, has vingut mai a les santes? crec que el llibre que he comprat el vaig veure al teu blog!
    V: thanks again!! I am a self-taught stitcher..but here I don't put my mistakes ;)

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  5. You have beautiful mood here on your blog. I would say: cosy :) Have you got an Flickr account?