29 ago. 2014

Speckles shop update

You'll find some handmade drawstring pouches made by me.

Thank you for visiting and I hope you like it!

28 ago. 2014

Here we are, a week and about to start the weekend, how about your week?
I have been working hard to update the store, just something to finish and I hope to update tomorrow 29.8.14 with new products!!!

I've also had time to knit something for me, like this hat and anything more than I have in the queue.

I found this new app, stash2go, I think it is quite useful and addictive, for example, when you go to buy wool with a project on mind or like me on the train looking for patterns ...is an app for Ravelry.
Ravelry (sigh)  .....my pending issue!


Whenever I start a new project I think, now is when you should hang on ravelry, because it is useful to keep track ... but quantifying things is something wrong with me.
I do not know if it's because this app that I have come forward to update my profile ... but what I have to do now... searching for all my projects? start from now? I do not know what I can do, I don't propose anything, because I don't fill up! we will see...
You can find me on Ravelry, I'm aldila.

20 ago. 2014

After our holidays my plants have undergone some changes, some for good, some not so good.
Some were more beautiful than ever, new leaves, more green and shiny, others however, seems dead .. after a little pamper seem to go back again.
I've also brought one succulent stalk from my mom's garden.

A new pair of socks for sale in my shop.
I am working slowly and carefully on other objects
I hope soon upload them.

13 ago. 2014

It's been a while since my last post, I know I promised to write from Spain, but my old computer (now I know why I bought a new one) decided not to work.
I really enjoyed the good weather, the company of my family and friends and good food!
There, I knitted a lot, I finished my pink shawl, I received a wonderful package from my dear Anu and a new toy came home. I'm starting to spin. It's exciting! but step by step, everything takes time, Anna :)) it's funny because Alessandra started to spin too!
I visited several stores and bought wool in Barcelona (obviously) some skeins of wool.

Now here, don't stop raining and it's seems that autumn is coming, it's amazing how different is to my home town, there no one raises that autumn is coming

I've started a new shawl ( I'm a shawl girl), with a new ( for me) Norwegian alpaca, I really love this wool.

visit Melody's giveaway!

beautiful and inspiring blog of my dear friend.