28 ago 2014

Here we are, a week and about to start the weekend, how about your week?
I have been working hard to update the store, just something to finish and I hope to update tomorrow 29.8.14 with new products!!!

I've also had time to knit something for me, like this hat and anything more than I have in the queue.

I found this new app, stash2go, I think it is quite useful and addictive, for example, when you go to buy wool with a project on mind or like me on the train looking for patterns ...is an app for Ravelry.
Ravelry (sigh)  .....my pending issue!


Whenever I start a new project I think, now is when you should hang on ravelry, because it is useful to keep track ... but quantifying things is something wrong with me.
I do not know if it's because this app that I have come forward to update my profile ... but what I have to do now... searching for all my projects? start from now? I do not know what I can do, I don't propose anything, because I don't fill up! we will see...
You can find me on Ravelry, I'm aldila.

2 comentarios:

  1. That hat is lovely!! I absolutely love the color and yarn.
    Have a great week end Anna

  2. I've got a big addiction for Ravelry and never can stop searching new projects while I should finnish old ones. The hat looks great!