18 jul. 2014


I finished Red Socks and I cast on a new pair, I don't follow any pattern, for now it is what I like the most knitting. :))
My shawl grows slowly, but try knitting a little every day.
Tomorrow we fly to Barcelona, ​​be our vacation in our "other" home.
These will be the two projects that I will take with me and I'll spend some time at my parents's garden.
It will be my main attraction.
As we will spend several weeks there, our plants have had to be adopted, are all in the office of my boyfriend, his partner will take care of them. It has been hard to see how the apartment was empty. This morning was the last, my oxalis ... no!!!
When Claudia sent me the stems, one of these was separated and I planted it in another pot, now is nearly or greater than the other!! these it'll take with me tomorrow to my mother.
Hopefully my next post will be from Spain.
Happy summer days!!!

9 jul. 2014

Tomorrow is the last day of class, so soon my vacation will start!
On Sunday we went to have a picnic to the park, is exciting in only 10 minutes from home have these huge green meadows. It was a beautiful summer day, but on Monday autumn came, It has not stopped raining and it is cold ever since, I find it hard to get used to this "summer".
I have started a new pair of red socks and finally my purple shawl is finished!
The last photo are my flea market finds.

I can not stop listening this new album, everything she does is so delicate .. ohh I love it!

2 jul. 2014

I have disappeared here for a while,  I've spent a few days in Spain but I'm here again, come  back to the autumn Munich and come back to the cardigans and socks..

A day before leaving , came home a lovely surprise package from my dear Vibeke, she has knitted a lovely alpaca shawl for me, oh my god, I feel so lucky, it's perfect! including another small details, and a delicious tea.

I found another unexpected package in the mailbox when I arrived. Ann-Kathrin sent me all those little balls of wool for my blanket's project

and thoroughly explained what she has done with each wool ball. Thanks for contributing to my little project. it's magic!

That's my new oxalis triangularis, after Claudia sent me a small stems, I found it at flower shop, these strange things happen!

I've just finished a pair of socks and almost done my violet shawl.