9 jul 2014

Tomorrow is the last day of class, so soon my vacation will start!
On Sunday we went to have a picnic to the park, is exciting in only 10 minutes from home have these huge green meadows. It was a beautiful summer day, but on Monday autumn came, It has not stopped raining and it is cold ever since, I find it hard to get used to this "summer".
I have started a new pair of red socks and finally my purple shawl is finished!
The last photo are my flea market finds.

I can not stop listening this new album, everything she does is so delicate .. ohh I love it!

4 comentarios:

  1. Here we have no summer, autumn has come straight from spring few sunny days...
    Love those shocks!

  2. great market finds! thank you for introducing me to her music. Emotional, reminds me of some flamenco singing I saw in Seville

  3. your Sunday excurtion sounds perfect! Perhaps the Summer weather will come back for a bit.

  4. Beautiful work and great finds! :D