28 dic. 2013

Beautiful Christmas days, was so nice been all together and a lot of beautiful presents. It's seems I've been a very good girl.
Past days I knitted a lot ( easy and fast projects) a green scarf and a grey hat. I feel very inspired here.
Today is a sunny day, instead of going outside I prefer to spend the day at home, doing nothing!
Any amazing plans for this weekend?

23 dic. 2013

Christmas details.
Amazing gift from my generous friend Vibeke, she knitted for me!!
On Saturday we went to a Christmas market and I tasted for the first time hot wine!
Now, in a little break,  I'm drinking a spicy tea while I'm thinking on all the things to do for tomorrow, At least the dessert is done!( a delicious and enormous tiramisú)

I wish you, my dear readers, a beautiful Christmas and full of happy moments with yours.

+Thank you so much for your comments.

19 dic. 2013

I'm still getting used to the few hours of daylight, also no blinds, I love looking out the windows and see what people do in their home.
There are candles around the house.
Finally I bought all Christmas gifts.
I'm very happy because next week my parents come.
I bought this fabulous body cream for my mother.

I'm practicing German watching this serie.

17 dic. 2013

I'm back, I'm sorry for my absence these weeks.
Many nice things have happened.
Finally we've got an apartment. Decorating the apartment has been very nice and is finally a home.
I took some pictures these are pieces of our first days in our new home.


Oh yes, I finished this easy and nice sweater.

15 nov. 2013

Pretty Autumn days but I miss sunny days, here is too dark and I have to take care when taking my photos.
I started a new knitting project. A beautiful yarn was waiting for and interesting project (which my lovely friend Anu sent me) and I found a beautiful yarn shop so finally I've got the perfect combination for this sweater (thanks Vibeke for suggesting)
But my days all busy thinking of the furniture and beautiful things for our future apartment!!
So happy because it's time to eat marzipan, I found this at the supermarket, but my search continues.

10 nov. 2013

Different scenarios through the window or outside.
Today is a very cold day, we went to walk at the morning but now I'm going to stay indoors knitting and reading my favorite blogs.

I bought this tea, very happy to find it here.

I'm knitting my second Icing swirl hat.


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4 nov. 2013

Hi November!
Finally we're here, in Munich.
I'm impressed, how beautiful can be the Autumn, I can't get enough taking photos of the leaves.


We're so busy looking for an apartment and I haven't many time to knit. I'm still knitting this.
The last photo that's me wearing my last knitted shawl, is so warm. 

30 oct. 2013

Hello from the stress-ville!!
I haven't hardly any time to spend visiting your blogs as I always done. No routine these days, no knit but only a little break to enjoy a cup of tea.
I started to knit one week ago this beautiful cowl I decided to knit it because my beautiful friend knitted it and I love it!


This will be my last post from Spain maybe I will need a little break until I settled.
I'm the worst blogger at the moment, I know... but I will be back very soon  I promise..

22 oct. 2013

Days pass so fast, i'm preparing a lot of things and I'm trying to find the way to put all my clothes in only one suitcase. I'm a little bit worried about the German cold and worried about if my spanish clothes are ready for this weather!!
A lot of emotions during these days...
But there is one  which I would like to write today..

I read long ago that each friend represents a world, a world that perhaps wouldn't have been born if we wouldn't have known, well..this "virtual world" has given me the opportunity to meet wonderful ladies, who have become great friends, it's still hard for me understanding how these relationships are established as important for me.
My good friends, with our continued emails, that we sharing through the words so much!
I wanted to share my joy and gratitude for my having those special, though distant, friends.
And especially thank to my beloved Anu for the package that she sent me, that I can't even express how happy she made me.
(shoes and wool, are something which she sent me, I feel lucky!)

14 oct. 2013

last chance for those flowers.
my new obsession, white chocolate. I wasn´t white chocolate lover because I always preferred black, sometimes is good to give a second chance, isn't it?
last stragglers tomatoes from the garden.
expecting a very desired package from a generous friend


new food program, i've tried this!!

9 oct. 2013

I've been sewing these days instead of knitting.  I've made this two bags.


I want this tea strainer.
Lately I'm obsessed with jewelry, specially with rings. I wish one day I can have this, this or this.

6 oct. 2013

Is like this how i'm spending my Sunday evening. It's so dark outside because there are a huge storm.
I'm eating white chocolate cookies, drinking jasmine green tea  while I'm knitting this slow shawl. I started to use candles, smells like vanilla and changes color.

I watched this.

I bought a alpaca wool sweater, only 12€, so warm! and looks beautiful with my favorite jeans.
How do you spent your Sunday evenings?

Happy Sunday♥

4 oct. 2013

Hello dear readers,

This week I received a beautiful parcel from my lovely friend Vibeke. She knitted for me the most beautiful mittens with a Norwegian wool. I'm very happy because I'm going to use every day in Munich. I used to wear mittens when a was a child but now, here in Barcelona is not necessary to wear unless you want but we don't need to.
Another beautiful knitter offers this week this amazing give away ( more mittens). My fingers are crossed.

I sewed a new cushion, it's simple but I like dots.


I watched this mini serie and I want to watch this one.
I'm enjoying and dreaming of this clothes.

Happy weekend to everyone!!

30 sept. 2013

New week. Last day of September and one week less to move.
My mother's new flowers.
I sewed a new case for wearing in my bag.
Knitting and knitting, this pattern is a little bit boring.

I like this beautiful post she made about me and my lovely friend ( take a look of this interesting list).

25 sept. 2013

Progress on the shawl.. but I decided not to knit the lace pattern in the center panel ( I want to use it this winter).
Sewing also and preparing a lot of things for November.

+ My new ring has arrived.