14 oct 2013

last chance for those flowers.
my new obsession, white chocolate. I wasn´t white chocolate lover because I always preferred black, sometimes is good to give a second chance, isn't it?
last stragglers tomatoes from the garden.
expecting a very desired package from a generous friend


new food program, i've tried this!!

4 comentarios:

  1. Ohhh sempre miro el teu blog a l'hora de berenar, i em fas venir ganes de tes, coques i xocolata!
    *Merci pel piropo :)
    Una abraçada!

  2. Soy adicta a esas galletas!!! mmmmmmmm ;)

  3. Yo ultimamente estoy carente de imaginación y eso que tengo el canal cocina en casa y puedo estar viendo ese canal por horas....

  4. yesterday I felt the first time in this season to light a candle. Thank you for sharing the cook program!