28 ago. 2012

Last week of august

I hardly believe that August it's ends
I'm waiting for autumn.
I have made ​​a list of things I want to do.Do you have plans for the new season
I really like this start.

22 ago. 2012


A long walk in the park (when the the heat decreases slightly)
Eat a lot of fruit.
What I bought on my trip in Provence.
Finally I could liquidate my store clothes so now there are only my necklaces, do you remember them?
I want to see this movie.

20 ago. 2012

La Provence-latest

Voilà, c'est tout!
These are my latest photos of my trip, thank you so much for your comments.
I confess, I'm a little envious because many of you feel the fall  and I can only feel the unpleasant heat..grgrgr I want fall comes!!

16 ago. 2012

La Provence II

More pictures of my wonderful trip to Provence
yes.. I've drunk too much tea ;)

15 ago. 2012

La Provence I

Hi, we are back from la Provence.
It was a wonderful trip.
The wonderful breakfast in the house, the walks along the fields full of fruits and plants.
The jam, cheese, language, the smell of Provence.
...pleasant memories...

8 ago. 2012


I read the comments you leave for me ;) I think tomorrow I'll have the film, is exciting!
More things I pick up from the garden, I can't stop eating tomatoes!I like the smell that appears when picking.
I bought alum stone for  deodorant use, someone uses it? I want rid of chemicals.

7 ago. 2012


We went to the forest to pick berries.I made jam with them.
To a few days for our trip to France, I can't wait.
Yesterday afternoon we went to the park with the analog camera, I hope we have soon the negative, I couldn't remember how exciting it was to wait and see the results.

3 ago. 2012

Summer friday

Today I haven't used the alarm clock to wake up, I love summer days.
Last piece of  Streusel cake.
Yesterday I went for a walk in Barcelona.
I bought Pukka tea.
I'm ready a new fabric to sew a new dress, maybe this afternoon.
Now I'm going to the hairdresser to cut my loooong hair.
see u!!

1 ago. 2012


My camera is back.
Lunch in the garden.
Gifts from portugal, thanks Teresa!
Welcome August, July has gone very fast.