7 ago 2012


We went to the forest to pick berries.I made jam with them.
To a few days for our trip to France, I can't wait.
Yesterday afternoon we went to the park with the analog camera, I hope we have soon the negative, I couldn't remember how exciting it was to wait and see the results.

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  1. Oh, there is something so special waiting for a fim to be developed. I should use my analog camera more often.
    Wishing you a wonderful trip to France!

  2. Have a great trip to France!, lovely pics!


  3. I have put a flim also in my analog camera. Haven't done that for years! So exciting :)
    Blackberry jam is my favorite!

  4. Og, lovely pictures here :) Sounds lovely, a trip to France!
    My analog camera is broken, it's so sad, makes the most beatiful pictures..

    Have a nice trip :)

  5. happy holidays to you !
    i hope you enjoy your trip in my country :) what aprt are you going ot if i may ask ?