16 ago 2012

La Provence II

More pictures of my wonderful trip to Provence
yes.. I've drunk too much tea ;)

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  1. Oh,looks so lovely! Your trip must have been great:)

  2. nice photos, looks like a lovely place!

  3. Oh it looks heavenly there! Lucky you to have had a vacation in such a beautiful place! Thank you for taking us on a photo tour, too :)

  4. Hermosas fotos, todo se ve hermoso, gracias por compartir!

    Un beso!

  5. France is the most wonderful holiday destination. Lovely pictures! And you can never drink too much tea ;)

  6. Oh I always wanted to go. markets there must be wonderful. provence is in my top list of places to visit also because is not that far away, so it's quite affordable!

  7. What are you knitting?
    The polka dots cups are adorable and such a lovely porch.
    Looks like you really had a great time.
    : )

    1. I'm knitting a autumn scarf but with this heat I think I take long to use it...

  8. Me encanta la foto del callejón cubierto de enredaderas.

    A mí también me gusta mucho el té ;)

    Un saludito

  9. Love your photos of your stay in provence & your knit project, and of your tea "in style" ;)
    (I have similar Greengate bowls !)
    I hope you didn't suffer from the heat & had a great time x

  10. Hi Anna. Loved to visit provence someday:D love from Portugal