8 ago 2012


I read the comments you leave for me ;) I think tomorrow I'll have the film, is exciting!
More things I pick up from the garden, I can't stop eating tomatoes!I like the smell that appears when picking.
I bought alum stone for  deodorant use, someone uses it? I want rid of chemicals.

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  1. these tomatoes look very tasty ! and the cake looks delicious too :)
    I use a kind of organic deo which is actually based on alun too -- because i'm a little paranoid about chemicals ! -- but not the stone, however two of m friends do and they seem very happy of it.

  2. your beautiful photos always makes me happy,
    can almost feel the lovely smell from your baking : )

    like you i like to get rid of chemicals but i have never tried the stone.
    best natural products (soaps and more) that i have tried is from here:
    i LOVE her products!