15 ago 2012

La Provence I

Hi, we are back from la Provence.
It was a wonderful trip.
The wonderful breakfast in the house, the walks along the fields full of fruits and plants.
The jam, cheese, language, the smell of Provence.
...pleasant memories...

4 comentarios:

  1. Welcome home.
    Even the name 'Provence' makes me feel all soft and dreamy inside. Not because I have ever been there, but because I woud like to.
    Is that your dress? It's very pretty, the pattern.

  2. i love the Provence!!!
    We're leaving next week.. can't wait!!

  3. Lilli: yes it's my dress, is my last dress sewn by me.
    Mi joya: I hope you have fun!!

  4. great Liberty dress !
    I miss my sewing machine -- the engine broke down in June & it is still in repair :(
    anyway, I do enjoy your photos, it seemed like a nice place for a break