30 sept. 2013

New week. Last day of September and one week less to move.
My mother's new flowers.
I sewed a new case for wearing in my bag.
Knitting and knitting, this pattern is a little bit boring.

I like this beautiful post she made about me and my lovely friend ( take a look of this interesting list).

25 sept. 2013

Progress on the shawl.. but I decided not to knit the lace pattern in the center panel ( I want to use it this winter).
Sewing also and preparing a lot of things for November.

+ My new ring has arrived.

23 sept. 2013

I cut  my hair, after years wearing looooong hair I decided to cut it. Is very comfortable!
I finished the hat and now I'm trying to knit another pattern, this time a lace shawl with this alpaca yarn in grey. It was a difficult decision because Brooklyn Tweed has a beautiful patterns.
Yesterday I watched the last episode of Edible Garden,  I wish it had more episodes but it hasn't, any suggestions?

17 sept. 2013


There are some days that is seem that autumn is here, another seems like summer never leave us.
Because I'm an autumn girl and I want to feel that definitely has arrived, I changed the blog header and shop link with autumn leaves. My lovely Melody added my blog at her sponsors list

I've finished a bonnet with one of my favorite yarns.
Now I want to knit another with this yarn but before I'm going to knit a cowl for a friend.
On Saturday I bought this beautiful dress.
During these days I'm watching a lot of episodes of her, I love her kitchen, her dresses and I love her!!

Thank you for your last comments about my praline cardigan.

I love autumn colors, nobody had noticed? :)

10 sept. 2013

The sky is so dark, a storm, always is the same, in September the storms bring changes,  autumn is coming. Light is different and beautiful, is my favourite season.
Yesterday I bought cereal homemade bread with nuts.♥

I finished my praline cardigan. I'm exhausted, It has been a challenge, after two (complicated, for me) cardigans, I will dedicate myself to shorter projects.
The buttons are a gift from my friend Anu, when I saw them I knew they were perfect for the cardigan.
I'm not sure if I like the final result, too short for my liking.

9 sept. 2013

this is best way to start the week...

A dear friend from Finland sent me an amazing box,  When I opened I saw all this nice gifts!! so... I'm so happy that I feel like i could fly.
My imminent move makes me anxious, nervous at the same time of full joy and this weekend it was a little bit stressing. so that I want to thank you Anu!! I have made a small tribute with my photo inspiring in hers.

I'm full of gratitude for meet a lot of special womens, my friends now, via the blog .

I bought this delicate shirt, I think is gorgeous, don't you?

A cup of hot chocolate this season, it was and still it is a rainy weekend.  

Have a look at this amazing give-away.

5 sept. 2013

Enjoying outside.

Beautiful and surprise parcel from Norway.
The shop is alive, thanks for your orders. Now is update with two new items.

4 sept. 2013

I continue to dedicate myself to organize everything.

My knitting needles need to be organized, I had in mind something similar, I had seen several times and the truth is that I love the result.
I've made ​​one for straight needles and other for crochet and circulars needles.
I used two small pieces of cloth Japanese.
Now I can find the needle I need and aren't  bundled between them.

There is also time to enjoy a cup of spicy green tea with jasmine.
I'm watching the second season of this serie. 
Latest items in my store ,now at half price, the store will be closed when I moved.

2 sept. 2013

Hi September!

even though it's like August

September is a month of new purposes, at least for me, I remember coming back to school, whit brand new notebooks, pens and pencils and a lot of desire to do new things.

It is still the same, I want to renovate a lot of things and so far I've started with the closet,( and of course, continue studing much better German).
Fall clothes I no longer use, is stacked in a chair and some more for doing some repairs, for example I do not feel as comfortable with as short dresses so I've decided to add some fabric to make them longer.I think it is a obsession but I need to have the closet tidy, what about you, do you need changes and new purposes in September?
I received some beautiful thing from a talented woman