2 sept 2013

Hi September!

even though it's like August

September is a month of new purposes, at least for me, I remember coming back to school, whit brand new notebooks, pens and pencils and a lot of desire to do new things.

It is still the same, I want to renovate a lot of things and so far I've started with the closet,( and of course, continue studing much better German).
Fall clothes I no longer use, is stacked in a chair and some more for doing some repairs, for example I do not feel as comfortable with as short dresses so I've decided to add some fabric to make them longer.I think it is a obsession but I need to have the closet tidy, what about you, do you need changes and new purposes in September?
I received some beautiful thing from a talented woman 

5 comentarios:

  1. Yes! I always feel refreshed in September. Every year at this period, I want everything to be better. I clean the house from head to toe, start making lists like crazy, and start new projects.

    This year is no exception. September has started and I4m a busy bee :)

  2. I sure feel like September is a month of renewal, more so than New Year's in January. I feel the need to organize and clear my mind while organizing the house and my schedule.

    Good luck with your German studies, how exciting that you're moving there!

  3. Me pasa lo mismo...necesito ordenar, organizar, tengo que limpiar el armario...visitar ikea a por baldas, cajas....
    Mejorar mi aleman, que está por debajo del tuyo...muy...tengo tantas cosas...y "tan pocas fuerzas" a veces

  4. I agree, September always feels like a new beginning, my two little girls will be in back in school next Monday and it is fun getting the school supplies ready, new outfits, new school bags etc. anna, I always love your pictures, such sweet simplicity. Good luck with your German studies)..

  5. September is a 'nesting' kind of month for me, too! I want all the summer stuff put away....even though the temps say they need to stay out longer....and i want to start cooking again.....and fluffing up around the house! Love September!!!