31 ene. 2014

Today I have no class so it suits me well since the apartment needs a good cleaning, but I'm taking a break because I wanted to show you what I received yesterday . My dear Anu has done wonderful things for me and has also included other gifts (some Marimekko). This is the cowl she knitted for me!! I'm lost for words, what a super nice gift, I'm feel so good wearing something done for my friends! I'm so very grateful!!

Tomorrow we'll to the fleamarket, I need something for our new apartment and I love going hunting for treasures!!

My green pullover is finished I'll show you in my next post.

I'm in love with Gudrun's new video,  makes me want to spent a lot of time in this house with that interesting woman! ( thanks Melody for sharing)

Now I'm drinking a cup of white and green tea ( lotus flower and vanilla)!! mmmmm delicious

Hope you will enjoy your weekend♥

26 ene. 2014

This week I've received a beautiful surprise from this lady, she has collected all of the ingredients for a wonderful afternoon, this afternoon I'm going to use it, it's snowing! so what better time to enjoy a cup of hot chocolate incense, and candles.

Yesterday we went to the flea market, so exiting to find all these "grandma items"  :)
Latest stitches of my green sweater.

I have started using this toothbrush, I had never had such a nice feeling to brush my teeth. And I think is a good eco option.

23 ene. 2014

It seems winter silently comes, but I think (they say here) is not the Bavarian winter still.
Meanwhile I keep knitting, I have a lack of control in all my projects, I have to organize. I have undone several projects, like this hat. I have become aware that I knit for pleasure, for the pleasure of having something done for me with a lovely wool, not for having clothes and clothes.
That's my last scarf, I wore last weekend and I really like this pattern and that merino yarn.
Today I went to the organic supermarket and I bought a beautiful pumpkin, I'm love with the beauty of pumpkin color. I made a delicious soup, I like winter for more reason and that is one, I love eat soups.
These days I'm using this shower gel, it's the first time i use this brand and I'm sure i'm going to use more product of it.
Finally I decided for this book, yes,  is the third that I read, I can not stop!

17 ene. 2014

Hello readers, the week has gone too fast. Here I'm posting photos of last week, a lot of things to finish (I've undone the brown pullover to make more long sleeves), wool and many things in mind to do.
First photo is in the modern gallery and the last my new hobby, the waffles.
A beautiful parcel waiting for me today from my sweet friend, she knows how to make me happy!
I finished reading this book, I need to find a new one, any suggestions?
An interesting swap, you can participate, I'm in.

Enjoy the weekend

8 ene. 2014

It seems that everything is back to normal. I started again my german classes.  It seems that I've fallen behind and it's hard to start again.
Pictures are from last week, when my hyacinth had not yet blossomed and it was cold outside.


Thanks for share with me your favorite tv shows. I've decide to make a list, joining some of yours suggestions and mine. ( the list is based on the same type of series, which I like the most and some of mystery series)

The hour
The Paradise
Downton Abbey
Bomb girls
Call the midwife
Land girls
The bletchley circle
Master of sex
The good wife
Top of the lake

*sure I forgot many, you can continue completing, is an open list!

5 ene. 2014

Hello dears!!
I finished my second pullover, I enjoyed a lot knitting this, in this case I worked with pure merino wool, a pleasure!! I can't control myself and yesterday i bought the same wool but in green to knit another pullover.
These days are been a pace full days, like now, I writing in my kitchen looking at the window, outside is grey and cold and it starting to get dark, but inside I fell so cozy and comfortable.

A new recipe ( thanks Vibeke) waffle dough is waiting for us in the fridge for this evening, now I going to the sofa and knit a little bit while I tried to find something interesting at the tv, any new serie for recommend?

Happy Sunday everyone!!