31 ene 2014

Today I have no class so it suits me well since the apartment needs a good cleaning, but I'm taking a break because I wanted to show you what I received yesterday . My dear Anu has done wonderful things for me and has also included other gifts (some Marimekko). This is the cowl she knitted for me!! I'm lost for words, what a super nice gift, I'm feel so good wearing something done for my friends! I'm so very grateful!!

Tomorrow we'll to the fleamarket, I need something for our new apartment and I love going hunting for treasures!!

My green pullover is finished I'll show you in my next post.

I'm in love with Gudrun's new video,  makes me want to spent a lot of time in this house with that interesting woman! ( thanks Melody for sharing)

Now I'm drinking a cup of white and green tea ( lotus flower and vanilla)!! mmmmm delicious

Hope you will enjoy your weekend♥

3 comentarios:

  1. Dear Anna I'm also totally in love with Gudrun's video. It's like a dream:)
    Have a beautiful weekend you too*

  2. Hi! I am happy you liked the cowl ♥
    Thank you for that link. I am going to enjoy watching that video tonight.
    ps. Can't wait to see your pullover

  3. No much time , just time outside.
    That tee much smell