17 ene 2014

Hello readers, the week has gone too fast. Here I'm posting photos of last week, a lot of things to finish (I've undone the brown pullover to make more long sleeves), wool and many things in mind to do.
First photo is in the modern gallery and the last my new hobby, the waffles.
A beautiful parcel waiting for me today from my sweet friend, she knows how to make me happy!
I finished reading this book, I need to find a new one, any suggestions?
An interesting swap, you can participate, I'm in.

Enjoy the weekend

5 comentarios:

  1. Have you read something about Asa Larsson? Same kind of books but with a more femenine view...have something...I am now with Jo Nesbo....they are relaxing when you feel you need to kill someone ;)
    About wool where do you buy? Allways looks so suave....
    Enjoy weekend

  2. Aura by Carlos Fuentes, it's a beautiful book.

  3. Your week was full of good things! :)

  4. Ohh, Moomin tea! that is too cute ;) I wish it was available here.

  5. Qué preciosa está tu casita... ;) yo te recomiendo La historia del amor de Nicole Krauss (si no lo has leído no puedes perdértelo)

    Besos a montones!