23 ene 2014

It seems winter silently comes, but I think (they say here) is not the Bavarian winter still.
Meanwhile I keep knitting, I have a lack of control in all my projects, I have to organize. I have undone several projects, like this hat. I have become aware that I knit for pleasure, for the pleasure of having something done for me with a lovely wool, not for having clothes and clothes.
That's my last scarf, I wore last weekend and I really like this pattern and that merino yarn.
Today I went to the organic supermarket and I bought a beautiful pumpkin, I'm love with the beauty of pumpkin color. I made a delicious soup, I like winter for more reason and that is one, I love eat soups.
These days I'm using this shower gel, it's the first time i use this brand and I'm sure i'm going to use more product of it.
Finally I decided for this book, yes,  is the third that I read, I can not stop!

9 comentarios:

  1. so calm and peaceful!

  2. i am from Greece and here we use Korres products very much.you must try the herbal teas i love them.
    Love from Grece

    1. I'm in love with this brand!! nice brand form grece!

  3. I love the drape of your scarf, it looks so soft and cosy

  4. I love ur scarf - and photos :)
    Have a great day.


  5. That scarf is really beautiful. I often prefer to knit for the sake of knitting. The act of knitting is so enjoyable. Which is probably why I start more things than I finish. :)