31 oct. 2012

31th october

Here we have our special celebration we eat together chestnuts and "panellets".What about you?
Happy night and happy "castanyada"
*Pictures taken last Sunday

30 oct. 2012


A winter day today, although now it is dark it has been a gray day.
It's time to get the winter quilt, I'm not sure if cold will  be installed definitely.
I've been sewing my jumper and finally I have finished! I'm very happy with the result. I've been a slow knitter but finally I did it!
I'll clean and restore order here.
I adore the snowy landscapes that many of you show me! are beautiful!

28 oct. 2012


We got up with a splendid sun but it was a very cold night temperatures have plummeted. I'm happy.
Yesterday I went for a walk my mother and I bought a delicious tea and chocolate.
This afternoon I dedicate to do "panellets" .
Have a lovely weekend and keep warm.

25 oct. 2012


A ordinary autumn day but nice day. Yesterday I bought a Christmas tea, but not the best I've tasted,
smelled good...
Beautiful pacakage from H, she is a talented woman, who has made this for me! Thank you!!
We have participated in V's colors swap.

My favorite color is mustard.

24 oct. 2012


I have been problems with my pc, has died but I think everything is back to normal.
These are pictures of these days.
Sometimes rainy weather sometimes seems summer again.
I received a package from Russia, thank you Olga for this lovely work.
I like tangerines, especially the smell.

I hope catching up soon and long life to my pc!

21 oct. 2012


Thank you for your comments, my exam was fine, I met my teacher down the street and she told me that I passed the exam with a very hight note. ;)
Yesterday was a rainy day but today the sun is shining fearly through the clouds.
I like these days.
I can not stop listen to her, perfect for now.

I wish you a peaceful Sunday.

18 oct. 2012


Today is a grey day, I think it's going to rain. I don't usually take pictures outside...why?
I have seen this film, lovely music, argument, actresses and atrezzo.
Tomorrow I'll do a English level exam, I hope I'll pass to the next, so... I'm going to study!

17 oct. 2012

My favorite tights and my workspace but not where I knit.

14 oct. 2012

New days, new feelings

This weekend, we had one more extra weekend day. The weather has changed. It's colder. I can already feel. Humid mornings and nights. Rainy days also. I have worn tight for my very first time this season and thicker jackets and also my new shawl (a lovely gift for my dear friend V, we did a fun hanmade swap). New fabrics.
Happy Sunday

9 oct. 2012

Preparing for the far winter

One day in my life.
I'm ready for sew my very first coat....luckily this is Spain and there is still enough to take coat *smile*
What about you, it's cold where you live?

5 oct. 2012


One of the quotes from today's class.
Enjoy your weekend!

3 oct. 2012


I've been sewing a dress for a wedding because I decided to wear handmade clothes, as much as I can do it!when something goes wrong I grab my needles and I practice a bit of yoga. (this reminds me something funny that my friend M commented in her blog)
I wish you a lovely day! Now I'm going to my English class.
See you!

1 oct. 2012


this month I:
- Sewed a lot of things
- Had my first experience and first project with rowan patterns 
- I started the English course.
- have been looking for (still) for a new job.
- Waiting fall ( I think is here)
- I have received precious packages