21 oct 2012


Thank you for your comments, my exam was fine, I met my teacher down the street and she told me that I passed the exam with a very hight note. ;)
Yesterday was a rainy day but today the sun is shining fearly through the clouds.
I like these days.
I can not stop listen to her, perfect for now.

I wish you a peaceful Sunday.

13 comentarios:

  1. beautiful music, thank you for introducing me to her. You can't beat welly bobs with tights and dresses x

  2. Congratulations to your exam!
    Here it was very foggy today, but it was wonderful though, made a long walk in the forest. :)

  3. I love these grey days too... Even if I miss the long days of summer...
    Lovely photos, they have the color of a cloudy autumn

  4. Well done on the exam!
    A perfect dress to twirl around and celebrate.
    xo, j

    1. heheheh I have to be careful is very thin and it moves very easily.

  5. I love your clothes and beautiful outfits. You have an eye for colours!